Jim Evans aka TAZ

Artist and designer Jim Evans, aka TAZ, learned his trade in the San Francisco underground rock scene. He has illustrated comics, album covers, rock and film posters, as well as advertising and magazine illustrations.

  • Evans is the founder of the TAZ collaboration, which is responsible for hundreds of gig posters, album covers, and rock¬†ephemera. TAZ has turned out numerous posters for bands like the Foo Fighters, U2, Oasis, Porno For Pyros, Green Day, Pearl Jam,¬†The Beastie Boys, L7, Ramones, Rage Against The Machine, Wu Tang Clan, Metallica, and Nine Inch Nails.

  • TAZ also did a number of high-profile album jackets for The Beastie Boys, Beck, Aerosmith, House of Pain, and Neil Young.

  • More recently he has done posters for Anderson Paak, the Pixies, and Blink-182.

  • Evans / TAZ work has been exhibited in galleries worldwide and featured in numerous books and articles.

  • TAZ has shown in gallery shows with RISK, Defer, Slick, Saber, Estevan Oriol, and Nychos.